Punch Things

I Like to Punch Things and You Should Too

It’s spring, whether the temperature outside says so or not!

And this means that summer is right around the corner.

And that means that we will all be on the beach, at the pool or playing in sprinklers… in bathing suits. 

See ya winter! Goodbye stay-in-and-binge-eat-cookie dough-movie-nights! (…maybe…)

It’s time to get our butts in gear and in shape. Good news! I just found the perfect solution for anyone who loves a butt-kicking workout and having fun.

 B O X I N G. 

Title Boxing Nashville | Kirsten-Kelly.com

IMG_4765 Title Boxing Nashville | Kirsten-Kelly.com

I absolutely love working out and staying fit, it’s for sure a passion of mine. So when Title Boxing Nashville invited me to come try out their Power Hour Class, I was all about it. I’m so glad I went because it was . a. blast! So much so that I went back to take another class and snapped some photos to share with you, ’cause you gotta try this.

What you need to know:

  • You don’t have to be a seasoned boxer- you can go at your own pace, but they do encourage you to push your limits.
  • The Power Hour is a full-body fitness class complete with cardio, boxing and core strengthening – 6-pack city!
  • You can burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour. Whaaa.
  • The classes are taught by pro boxers, which means you’re getting the same workout they use to train. Talk about feeling like a bad A.
  • Your first shot is FREE. Go give it a whirl and tell me you don’t love it.

Title Boxing Nashville | Kirsten-Kelly.com

Title Boxing Nashville | Kirsten-Kelly.com



Title Boxing Nashville | Kirsten-Kelly.com

My Results:

I gotta say, I’m hooked on this workout. Here’s what I got out of it:

  • I was sore for 4 days straight after one class. I love being sore– it means my workout was worth it.
  • My legs + butt felt more toned just after 2 classes! I can’t say everyone’s results will be that fast, but the workout is so intense I know you will see and feel a difference quickly.
  • I also have weak wrists that tend to pop.  In my profession that is NOT good. They already feel strengthened and the popping has decreased greatly.
  • Let’s face it- it’s fun to punch things! It definitely released tons of tension and stress I was carrying by punching something as hard as I could for an hour:) 

 More deets:

If you want to try it out, they’re located at 1906 Church Street, right in Downtown Nashville. Make sure you mention that you found out about Title from ME because you’ll get a FREE pair of gloves! Whoop whoop. 

If ya wanna give it a whirl, check out the schedule and pop in for a free first class! (You’ll want to arrive 15 minutes early to wrap your hands and grab gloves).

I’ll be there tomorrow night at 7p so come say hiiiii and get your butt kicked with me!


Just for fun, here are a few outtakes of my complete exhaustion by the end of the class. No pain no gain!!


Title Boxing Nashville | Kirsten-Kelly.com



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