Dang, girl! Anna Redmon

Who she is:

Wife.   Momma.   Wardrobe stylist.  Twin.  Movie costume designer.   Clothing designer.   Friend.

Anna-freaking- Redmon!!! Anna lives in Nashville with her touring musician hubby Jeremy Redmon, and 2 adorable babies (Irabelle and Adron). She’s a super creative wardrobe stylist, clothing designer and costume designer for films (and former model, duh). We’ve worked together on countless photo shoots over the last several years and I still get excited when I have the privilege to be on set with her! This woman was one of the original inspirations for me to create the “Dang, girl!” series, because she is just that awesome.

Anna’s got a lot going on in her life-  she works hard to please all of her many, many clients, she nurtures her family so very well and still finds time to generously give to the people around her. I am constantly impressed by her ability to be excellent at so many roles, while always remaining thankful, positive and shining! She’s always happy, people!

When I’m on set with Anna, it’s so obvious to see how much of her heart she gives to the people around her. Most of her clients are country music artists and actors from the movies she works on. As a wardrobe stylist, Anna’s role is to dress and people and make them look great on the outside, but first and foremost, her own personal goal is to make her clients feel great about themselves on the inside. She knows that that is where beauty and confidence all starts. She’s so great at encouraging her clients and eliminating all of the fears and insecurities that can sometimes fill their minds. It is a gift!

What she’s doing:

Anna has been costume designer on a pretty rocking list of films! Usually the movies will shoot for several months in another state; wherever the movie goes, she goes too. But that doesn’t stop this woman from being the best mom ever. Most of the time Anna will bring her 2 kiddos (and one very valuable nanny) to come live with her while she’s doing her thing– styling like a madwoman. She loves bringing her babies on set to hang with the cast and crew- what a fun life for the kids right?! “Oh hey I’m just sitting here eating cheerios with movie stars while my momma dress them.. no big deal.”

When we work together, it’s usually on one of our awesome country acts in Nashville. I’m always so excited to see her name on a call sheet for a job, I know that the day is gong to be positive and full of laughter. We never fail to laugh!

This is one of the most recent artists we styled together, Ashley Gearing. Anna styled wardrobe and I styled her hair and makeup. I LOVE how it turned out- so soft and feminine. Ashley is a gem to boot!

Ashley Gearing | Kirsten-Kelly.com

Why she inspires me:

Anna is a giver. Wife, mom, stylist, designer, friend. Amongst all these duties, which she would probably refer to as pleasures, she finds ways to give herself and her time to others- that’s a servants heart if I’ve ever seen one. She is one of the most generous people I know with her time- something that is very valuable when there are only a few hours leftover at the end of the day.

A few examples:

  • When I was getting married, Anna gifted me with her time and expertise when I needed it most- she altered my wedding dress! We did a couple fittings to perfect it, but when it was complete, it fit like a glove.  I was so thrilled with how it looked. But get this: At the time, she and her husband had just finished rebuilding part of their house that burned down in a house fire! On top of her crazy work schedule, on top of her being wife and mommy! I was blown away by her generosity and giving spirit. She did NOT have to help me, but she did!
  • When a mutual friend of ours conceived her first baby, Anna offered to alter lots of her clothes so that they could grow with her beautiful growing belly. At that time, Anna was driving back and forth from Alabama where she was on a movie costume designing, shuffling multiple shoots in Nashville, all while being wife and mommy. What!!?

It seems like every time I see Anna she’s doing something to help a friend. I love that. She is always so ready to help and does it with a graceful and happy heart, which definitely gives me something to work toward!

shaggy rugs – multi coloured rugs – multi coloured rugs

 Q & A Time!

 What’s the best part about being a wardrobe stylist/costume designer?

I’ve always been creative ever since I was really young, my brain never stops visualizing! When I see something in my head I just want to make it. I think a lot of it comes from growing up on a farm, my twin sister and I (being really tall!) always made most of our clothes because nothing ever fit us. It was a total outlet for us!

But, I think what I love so much about what I get to do is the connection I get to have with my clients. So many of them have been torn down by the media or have had negative things spoken about them publicly. We are in the most vulnerable place when we are naked… and I see people in their skivvies ALL the time! Without sounding weird, that is a very special and private place that I get to be a part of in their life. It instantly tears down any walls. I feel like this connection allows me to speak life into their hearts. There is such an expectation of “perfection” in their lives and no one is perfect – THEY know they’re not perfect, so that can be really vulnerable for them. If I am able to make them look great, awesome! But, really, if I can help relieve them of feeling the need to be perfect, then I’ve done my job.

 On days where you may not feel 100%, do you have a quick-fix to make yourself feel great?

I’ll put a few drops of lavender essential oil or eucalyptus on a hot, damp towel, cover my face for a few minutes and breathe. :) I follow this with using a homemade facial exfoliator (Coconut Oil and Baking Soda)… my skin feels crazy soft afterwards.

 Is there a beauty product that’s always in your purse? 

I’m sort of obsessed with lip therapy, especially this time of year.  I’ve always been a fan of Clinique’s Super Lip Balm, but after having children I discovered something that is strange but amazing. Lanolin… if you’re a nursing mother you know what it is but probably never used it as lip moisturizer but believe me… it’s the best!

 You do so much! When being a wife, a mom, a wardrobe stylist and a friend gets to be overwhelming, what do you do to relax and chill out?? 

I love being in the kitchen with my daughter.  We crank up my Billie Holiday Pandora station and get really messy baking something fun. Usually, to my husband’s dismay, we end up using almost every bowl and utensil in the kitchen.  Jeremy does the dishes.

One thing you have to put on before you leave the house in the morning:

My vanilla perfume…  L’Aromarine Eau De Toilette Vanille.  I’m super sensitive to smells so I’ve never been able to wear anything but vanilla.  It’s super cheap but it’s the best I’ve found for my skin chemistry.  It’s a really pure vanilla… very calming. (Anthropologie or Pangea carries it)

 Your skin is so great! Give us the rundown of your skin care regimen:

  • I drink lots of water
  • Exfoliate regularly
  • Moisturize (night time, and day time with SPF)
  • Stay away from junk food…this is a big challenge, actually! What you put in your body WILL affect the way your skin looks.

 Do you you have a fav anti-aging product? 

Well, since entering my 30’s and having babies, my skin has changed and I’ve been on the hunt for a great anti-aging products.  An actress friend of mine who looks ridiculously amazing for her age (without surgery or botox), introduced me to SOMME Institute and I’m now obsessed.  I don’t think my skin has ever looked or felt better!

 What is one of the BEST memories you’ve made while working on set?

Goodness, there are SO many!  I seriously always get excited when I read a call sheet and your name is on it.  I love the people I get to work with and when the “right” team gets together, it always makes for good memories.  I’m only one element of a great shoot.

One of the most memorable shoots as of yet… I did a video shoot in Monroe Louisiana for Tyler Farr for his song “Redneck Crazy”.  The shoot featured Tyler with his friends Lee Brice, Willie Robertson and Colt Ford.  Wow… that was pure craziness.  My abs hurt from laughing for an entire day.

 When do you feel the most beautiful?

Oh geez… my children make me feel beautiful.  The times my daughter sits in my lap, puts her little hands on my face and says “Mommy, you so bootiful”.  Oh, I melt.

I waited til my 30’s to have children for several good reasons but one of the most driving reasons, if I were to be just brutally honest, was I didn’t want to “lose my youthful figure”.  I regret that… It was SO worth it.  I feel WAY more beautiful now then I ever did holding on to my youthful vanity.

 Before & Afters!

Instead of a traditional “makeover” we did a major haircut!! So fun.. Anna has had looong (and very beautiful) hair since I have known her and she was ready for a change. Short, fun, messy and texture was what she was looking for and I think we achieved it! She looks so great and even better, she feels great.

I loved the idea of shooting Anna’s before & after photos with her most prized accomplishments- her kids–who are SO snuggly! Precious. 














In short, Anna is a successful wardrobe stylist and fantastic mom with a giver’s heart. I’m lucky to call her a colleague!

You are beautiful, Anna, inside and out!

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