Makeup Forever HD

Product Review: Makeup Forever HD

The FIRST question I’m usually asked when being quizzed on my favorite products is “Whats the BEST foundation?”  It can be hard to find the perfect base for your skin. For a flawless (but not heavy) finish, my vote goes to Makeup Forever HD.  Whether you’re looking for minimal coverage for a day-time glow or full coverage to be “camera ready”, this foundation will cover all your bases depending on how you apply it.

For high coverage use this brush:



For light coverage use this brush:


Makeup Forever HD is formulated to create a soft-focus effect, meaning even in harsh lighting, your skin will still look flawless. Currently, this is all I use in my kit as far as foundation goes, as seen in my book. I work on both men and women. For men, I generally need something really light just for minor color correction. Alot of the women I work on have nice skin to begin with, but we tend to need a bit more coverage than the average “Joe”.. or “Matt” or “Steve”.. It’s oil-free, is available in 25 shades and is only about $40 a bottle- which lasts forever. You can try it and buy it at Sephora.  If you give it a whirl, let me know what you think!

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