Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty, Too.

Every day (well… most days..) I take time to style my hair, apply makeup and carefully decide what to wear. I want to present my best-self to the world! But today, I am taking time to appreciate more inward traits that maaaybe get a little less attention than my outer attributes. You know, the ones others don’t often get to see and I tend to forget about. The first ones to pop in my head are as follows:

-As a wife and a close friend, I wear my heart on my sleeve… I can be a TOTAL emo kid.

-I, at times, don’t have much of a filter, be it good or bad! (oops.) ((Honesty is good though, right??))

-When I love, I love deeply.

-I most definitely will cry during  A Charlie Brown Christmas.

What are some of your favorite personal traits that deserve to be loved, and may go unnoticed? I want to know them!

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