When It Hurts

I wrote this sticky note a couple weeks ago as a personal reminder. It’s something I try to remember when those difficult moments in life creep in without invitation. Break-downs, melt-downs, anger, and strife are all trying to tell us something about where we’re at internally. There’s good news though; the process can always be used for good when we choose to see the good in it! When these emotions arise, I try to remember to take some time and examine where they’re coming from. I would categorize myself as  “highly emotional” (sorry Sean!), so at times this can be a daily pursuit for me!

Are there specific signs that tell you that YOU are dealing with something internally (crying, frustration, resentment, isolation)? Have you found helpful ways of dealing with that kind of uprising (a gallon of ice cream, a drink/coffee with a girlfriend, journaling, etc?)? Personally, I like to mix-and-match. I’ll cry and isolate, then spill it all to one of my precious girlfriends with the  comforting company of Ben & Jerry.

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