Product of the Week: OSIS Dust It

This tiny bottle may be small in size, but packs some serious street cred! Being slightly hard to describe, it begins as a powder and with friction (rubbing it into the scalp) it turns into an extremely versatile tacky product that adds great texture and separation. I use it on both men and women for lots of different looks. Give a little shake onto the area of hair you’re styling and use your fingers to rub the powder into your scalp in a circular motion, then viola, texture for days (sometimes literally DAYS!). I’ve included a couple photos from my book so you can see what this product looks like in action. I used Dust It as a base on both of these beauties. Take a look!

Dust It really performed in this photo I styled of Brett Eldredge (photo by Joseph Llanes). He has very thick, coarse hair that doesn’t separate easily, but with the magic of this powdery product, there is endless texture. WIN!


In this photo of Miss Brandi Cyrus (photo by Sarah Barlow), I used it to create a wonderfully messy texture on her long, choppy layers. Brandi has finer hair, so I used Dust It to lift at the root and create the perfect amount of deconstructed volume.  (l o  v e  her hair!):

This powder really is incredibly versatile and works on many types of hair textures. Let me know whatcha think of it!

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