Our Little Secret Is Out

We’ve been keeping a secret. 

I didn’t want to, I swear!

But it had to be kept.

A three- month long secret

I know I’ve totally been MIA. I haven’t been posting anything new or going to events or interacting. It’s felt like there’s a giant wall between us!!

But alas, the time has come when I can share with you this secret, and things can go back to the way they were…


It must be contagious. I think 99% of my friends are preggo. {<– exaggerated percentage}. Like, don’t drink the water in Nashville if you are a woman and not ready to create life.

On that note, I get to create life.

I can’t express how honored, liberated, excited, hopeful, curious, amazed, and slightly scared I am.

Motherhood is something I’ve always day-dreamed about. Loving and nurturing. Raising and strengthening. Drawing from what I learned in my own childhood, both good and bad, and applying it in my own way.

I have the privilege of, along side my husband, being the source of sustenance, love, safety and counsel for a little human. A human that I get to grow within me and pray for and sing to and delight in before it even gets a glimpse of the sun. To get to do all of this with Sean, someone I love and respect and have fun (and fight) with is just such an incredible thing.

So now that I’m FINALLY able to share this news with you and invite you into the growing and eating and beauty of it all, we can be normal friends again!

Just so ya know, I am going to keep this space as beauty-relevant as it’s always been! Skin and lips and makeup and health and even some tutorials will be on their way to you in no time… just maybe a few more miraculous, life-growing updates.


We took a “Babymoon” in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (which we are now obsessed with!). If you plan on having a bebe and this is something you’re able to do, I highly recommend it! One last getaway in the final months of it just being the two of you. Quite a special thing if you ask me.

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