Look Pretty, Save Money: Argan Oil

It’s that super awesome time of the week! I bring you one killer beauty product (what I use on my clients) and then it’s less expensive alternative (what I use on ME). 

This week it’s all about hair care. I want to help you Look Pretty and Save Money.

 What I use on them: Morroccan Oil $38

Moroccan Oil has made a name for themselves- they are solely responsible for the “argan oil” hype that we see everywhere. I recommend this to tons of my female clients with dry or damaged hair, especially when they are trying to grow it out and need a nurturing serum to love it back to life. It’s a classic that will never disappoint…  And also a bit pricey.

What I use on me: One ‘N’ Only Argan Oil $9

No fancy name, no fancy price tag, but still a great product! I found good ‘ole One ‘N’ Only at Sally’s and it has done a great job for me. I throw this in my hair right before washing, and then again immediately before styling with heat. My hair is finally GROWING! I have had to trim it way less (about once every 2 or 3 months) thanks to this guy helping my ends to split less.

argan oil

 Two great products, one great deal!

Alright fellow hair experts, meet me in the comments– what hair-growth trick have you tried that actually worked?


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