Look Pretty, Save Money: Mascara

OKAY! Here’s the deal.. When it comes to working on my clients, I use some seriously awesome products on the daily.

They only deserve THE BEST  skin care, hair products and makeup.. After all, they are the ones seen by, sometimes, millions. of. people.

You and me, we want great products! But we don’t want to to pick up a 2nd job to pay for ’em. Right?? There’s no way I want to spend that kind of money on MYSELF. It all adds up, and fast.

Fantastic news alert: I found the solution. I’ve tried and approved  less expensive products that fit into any budget but deliver similar results as the top brands I use on my clients.

Lucky you! Every week I will be bringing you sweet products that work like the pricey ones, but won’t break the bank.

Look Pretty, Save Money with…

What I use my clients: Benefit They’re Real Mascara $24

Created to simulate fake lashes, they lengthen and plump each individual lash. This came in handy on a Curves Commercial that I did because REAL fake lashes would have looked out of place on ladies “working out at the gym”. This mascara helped accentuate their eyes for camera without being too much.


What I use on me: Maybelline Falsies $8

Same idea, less money! This one packs a serious eyelash punch. I use this every day that I use mascara and it INSTANTLY increases my volume and length dramatically. Seriously. I can’t use any other mascara now!

Try this:

Wearing mascara every day can wear down your lashes and cause them to break– they’re hair too! Pick 2 days a week that you don’t wear it to give them a rest, you can even put a little coconut oil on them as a “conditioner”. It’s also a great reminder to love your eyes bare and beautiful, just the way they are. 

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