Dry Shampoo

Look Pretty, Save Money: Dry Shampoo

It’s that time again you guys!

Happy monday! Today I’m bringing you one amazing product that I use all the time on my clients, and it’s less expensive match that I actually use on myself.

$50 hairspray?? Ain’t nobody got that fa’ that. Except for like, Katy Perry.

Cheers to looking awesome and being smart with your hard-earned paycheck.

Look Pretty, Save Money with.. Dry Shampoo.

What I use on them: TIGI BedHead Dry Shampoo $18

This stuff is the bomb.com. I love the smell, the consistency and the absorption power, plus it just looks sweet. I use this stuff on Jake Owen alllll the time (with a few other goodies) to give him the laid-back, beachy locks that he loves. But for nearly $20, this can doesn’t last as long as it should…


What I use on me: Suave $4

Seriously, I haven’t found a better dry shampoo for the price! Such a bang for the buck. This bottle lasts forever and has great coverage and absorption. If I apply in the morning, it lasts all day. Other dry shampoos seem to wear off by mid day. BAM!

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

Have a lovely day. You’re beautiful.

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