How TOXIC Is Your Skincare Routine? (And what to do about it)

“The Situation”: 101

The European Union, over the last 2 decades, has banned over 1,300 chemical ingredients in their personal care products.

{These chemicals have been linked to learning & developmental disabilities, autism, ADHD, hormonal alterations, cancer and even prenatal side effects, and these are just the beginning.}

The U.S of A, however, has banned 11.


To boot, our country hasn’t passed a federal law to regulate ingredients used in personal care products since 1938. (The same year Hitler was deemed “Man of the Year” by Time Magazine, no less.)

To paint a picture for you, the average American woman uses 12 beauty products a day. This results in being exposed to potentially over 100 chemicals just in the time that we spend in the BATHROOM. 


Personal Care

May I introduce you to Beautycounter?

Beautycounter is my new best friend! You’ll like her. She’s a pioneer in safe, regulated and WONDERFUL beauty products.

Why do I love Beautycounter, so?

  • They have created quality and safety standards that are unmet in today’s beauty market
  • They do ALL of their own testing to guarantee the safest and most effective products
  • From cleansers, moisturizers and body oils to shampoo, and lipstick, there is a wide variety of options for you to choose healthier, well-made beauty goodies.

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 12.18.02 PM

Thanks to Whole Foods for creating Whole Body, we have had a few natural options within reach. ~~>But I have a confession: I’m tired of smelling like coconut oil, patchouli and eucalyptus. 

Beautycounter has a full line of incredible skincare goodies that I have tested myself and 100% approve. Like, I love them.

It truly is as luxurious as the next well-marketed beauty line, without the synthetic fragrances and ingredients. Every product has a wonderful WOMANLY scent so you don’t smell like you just left Bonnaroo or Portland. No offense Portland, we love you.

“Okay awesome! But where do I start?!”

If you aren’t ready to toss your entire cabinet full of products that may be toxic, Beautycounter has curated “The Never List”– a list of chemicals that you should avoid at all cost. I am starting by ridding my regimen of the big no-no’s, then slowly collecting they healthier options they offer as I can do so. 

If you are ready to replace 1-3 of your regulars, I would start with these:

1. Routine Clean Cream Cleanser

This is a fantastic cleanser. It is gentle, effective and glow-inducing! I use it with my Clarisonic and have had great results. Sometimes redness occurs when I use something too harsh but with this I always feel clean, but never dry, tight or after use.

Routine Clean Cream Cleanser

2. Every Day AM Hydrating Cream

I wake up every morning and apply this to my entire face and neck. It absorbs almost immediately and doesn’t leave any sheen or residue, it’s almost mattifying – perfect for under makeup. My eyes, nose and cheeks tend to dry out through the night, so it is lovely to begin the day feeling hydrated.

Every Day Hydrating Day Cream

3. Restorative Night Cream – Countertime Line

One of my favorite things of all time is a rich, soothing night cream! This lovely cream absorbs fully but leaves behind substantial hydration. And it feels all the better knowing that there aren’t any toxic yuckies soaking into my pores as I sleep. (This tub will last forever– a little goes a looong way!)


Restorative Night Cream

Interested in more? Stay tuned! I will be continually bringing more of these exceptional products to the attention of the masses. These are products that I believe in and are at the top of my list of “beauty must-have’s”.  Getchu some!

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