Perfect Shade of Lipstick

How To Find YOUR Perfect Shade of Lipstick

Just as ALL of your makeup needs to be personalized for your skin tone, so does your lipstick!

It can instantly either brighten you or wash you out depending on how the color pairs with your complexion. 

I have gotten a LOT of requests for this info! So I’ve put together some easy ways to narrow down what colors you need for your kisser. 

If your skin is beautifully pale..

Do it: Think peachy lipsticks and nude colored glosses. Nudes work really well on you, but remember to keep it at least one shade darker than your skin! For a glam look, try red lipstick. Follow the tips below for making sure it pairs well with your undertones.

Avoid: Dark chocolate and burgundy shades, they’re too contrasting with your pale skin.

Try this: Relentlessly Red by MAC

Pale complexion

If your skin is super dark..

Do it: You have lots of room to play! I looove warm neutrals on this complexion. Try orange or coral shades for a fun pop of color- a great day look!

Avoid: Stay away from chalky colors with a lot of white in them because they’re too contrasting — unless you’re going for a mod 60s look…

Try this: Ravishing by MAC

Darker complexion

If you have olive-toned skin…

Do it: If you have olive-toned skin (often Hispanic, Italian, Greek.. and ME!) you have a lot of options. For a bright look go for coral lipstick, it’s one of my favs right now! You can also use neutral versions of a plum or raspberry. For red shades, usually red undertones work best, but I’ve found that blue undertones work nicely on me as well!

Avoid: There are some tones you should steer clear of. One: Purple, it’ll accentuate the yellow undertones in your skin and give you a sallow look. Yuck. Two: Brown, it can look too monochromatic.

Try this: CB 96 by MAC

Olive complexion

If your skin has yellow undertones (Light-Medium/Beige Skin Tone)…

Do it: Blue-based reds are fantastic when you want to POP. Flesh tones + gloss are gorgeous for this skin tone as well. For day looks, you look best with warmer shades, such as hints of gold or corals. Spring and summer are coming!!

Avoid: Stay away from purple tones, it’ll bring out the yellow in your skin and can make you look sickly. Same goes for anyone with yellowish teeth.

Try this: Creamy peach + Pro Longwear gloss coat  by MAC

yellow complexion

If your skin has pink undertones (Light/Very Fair Skin)…

Do it:  I love pink undertones when they are accentuated well! You can look SO bright! Nudes, pinks, berries, and mauves will give you a really nice glow.

Avoid: Blue-based reds will clash with your skin tone and probably wash you out. No good!

Try this: Brick-O-La by MAC

I hope this helps! Finding the right shades can be tricky!

Keep in mind that you can have an olive complexion with pink undertones,  or pink with yellow, so try mixing and matching some of the guidelines to find the perfect shade for you.

Have you found a color that I didn’t mention?? Tell meee below. I love to learn too ya know

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