How To Feel Better When You Think You’re Boring.

Sometimes… I feel boring. Mundane. Unexciting with no stories to tell.

The things that stand out to me are religiously cleaning my house and going to bed early (I LOVE sleep.)

I look at my friends’ lives and see things they are accomplishing, mountains they are climbing, battles they’re winning and parties they’re going to. And I ask myself, what the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks am I doing with my life?

This past weekend was one of reflection. Sean was out of town and I had PLENTY of time to sit alone and think. {This can be a very dangerous thing for me.. }

I spent Saturday night with my best-friend since I was 5 years old, Katie. We were in similar head spaces, but never fail to inspire each other. She quickly ran to get paper and pens and proceeded to write down different phases of life at the top of the sheets.

Middle School.




We both spent some time reflecting, together but in our own heads, and began to write what came to us. Things I had forgotten about, or didn’t appreciate at the time. It was rewarding to look back on some of the events in my life with a new respect and appreciation for them.

Some fun ones were:

-Going to NYC alone at 17 years old (thanks mom!)

-Moving across the country at 19

-Roadtripping all over the state of California with beautiful people

-Hiking more mountains that I can remember surrounding Los Angeles

-Meeting Heidi Klum and John Travolta

-Taking chances on love

-Marrying my BFF forever

And then it hit me. “Hey, Kirs. You’re not boring. You have had a beautiful, adventurous life!”

It’s so easy to let our day-to-day lives interfere with the big picture of who we are and what we do and why. I don’t want to forget to take the time to sit back and enjoy the life I lead.

If you’re feeling a bit bummy about where your life is, I suggest you make a list. Make a list of your most favorite memories, accomplishments, adventures and loves.

I think you too will look back and say ” Hey I’m not boring, not boring at all”.

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