Get The Crap Out! Pt. 1

 I  LOVE  FOOD. It’s celebratory, rewarding and so tasty! I don’t generally restrict myself when it comes to what I eat. I work out a lot and eat everything in moderation: tons of veggies, fresh fruit and lean proteins.  In the Kelly house, we like to make food choices based on what nature intended for us to eat. But, if I want a delicious piece of cheesy pizza, I eat the pizza… with extra parmesan and red pepper flakes! I don’t believe in a life of constant restriction and restraint, we should all be able to enjoy moments in life and give ourselves a little grace. But with that said, it can also take a toll on our internal organs, skin, hormone levels and girlish figure if we don’t whip things into shape once in a while. This is why cleansing has a place in everyone’s life! It’s a great way to reset our eating habits and get the crap outta there.

I am doing a 2-part cleanse over the next 2 months. Pictured above, Cleanse Smart Total Body Cleanse is Part 1 for me. It’s a month-long herbal regimen that helps clear out the 7 channels of elimination, lungs , skin, liver, bowel, lymphatic system, kidneys and blood. All I gotta do is take two pills in the morning and two pills at night, thats it! How easy is that?? While I’m letting the herbs do most of the work, I try to help them out by eating really clean and drinking TONS of water to help wash away any toxins that are being released. We should look at food like medicine, and not the chemical kind your doctor gives you! Medicine in its true form should give nutrients and life to our bodies, helping them to combat daily toxic encounters.

Let’s talk food! It can be a daunting task to adjust the way we eat. “Uhhh salad?” is typically where my mind goes when searching for a healthy meal choice, but the truth is that there are TONS of options, especially when you’re cooking at home. I usually start simply and get a little more creative once I’ve found a good base. My “for consumption” Pinterest board is FULL of healthy, clean eating options for me to refer to when I get stuck in a food-rut.

When I’m on this kind of cleanse, typical meals look like this: 

{Coffee, ALWAYS!}

Breakfast: 1 whole grapefruit w/cinnamon sprinkled on top (so yummy! Cinnamon is a great antioxidant to boot)  OR 2 eggs with chopped veggies

Snack: Red/yellow/orange bell pepper and hummus

Lunch: Spinach or kale salad w/avocados, tomatoes, goat cheese, olive oil and sea salt

Snack:  Raw almonds or frozen pecans (a great “sweet” fix)

Dinner: Chicken or lean ground beef and sauteed veggies OR homemade veggie soup

I hope this inspires your insides to say “Hey! Clean me out!”. Have you ever cleansed before? What are some of your favorites ways to feel like you’re doing something good for your body?

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