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From the Mountains to the Sea (and a Little in Between)

One of Sean’s and my biggest goals is to  T R A V E L  before popping out mini-me’s. Or mini-him’s. Discovering a new city or state or country is intoxicating: the new food, new people, new views and new subculture. Experiencing these things adds to who we are. We see something we like and take it with us to add to our  lives. So really, we’re our own little scrapbook of our travels.

Sean and I returned home a few nights ago from a completely enchanting, 10-day romping around the country. We both had been working really hard and decided to take time to breathe. The week of the 4th of July is a slower time for us work-wise so we took 10 days to explore. From the mountains to the sea (and a little in between) we got a full dose of what our beautiful country has to offer. What better way to celebrate the nations birthday??

We started in Boulder, CO. Sean was there working so I hopped on a flight and met him in the cute little mountain town. We had lunch at The Kitchen [Next Door] with one of our friends who’s a Boulder local. I highly recommend this place if you ever visit the quaint town. It’s right on Pearle St., the main strip, complete with perfect ambiance, great french-bistro style food and community seating. I love not knowing who you will be sitting next to. It spices things up in contrast to a table for 2 in the corner, don’t you think?


After our tummies settled, we put on our hiking boots (or sneakers… whatever) and began to explore what the mountains had to offer. We quickly learned that  we had different ideas of what “hiking” meant. It’s funny what you continue to learn about your partner even after 3 years isn’t it? He loved the idea of scaling rocks and abandoning the path before us. All the while I was looking for a clearly marked (although still strenuous and difficult), discernable path to guide the way. Both of those perspectives align perfectly with who we are as people. So interesting!


Sean scaled this rock, I watched.

[[Sean scaled this rock, I watched.]]

That evening, we washed up after a day in the woods and enjoyed an even better meal than the last! (Who knew Boulder was such a foodie town?!) Brasserie Ten Ten was our chosen establishment, a full-on French dining experience- from the marble bar-top to the candle lit tables. The menu was on-point and the drinks were fabulous. We decided to sit at the bar, because we like the social aspect of eating with others.


The next morning we were off to Breckenridge, just 2 hours from Boulder. All at once the terrain turned from moderate hilltops to staggering mountains! Before I knew it we were 11,000 ft above sea level (my skin and hair made it clear we were high, it was so dry! ) and it was breathtaking. Once on the Main Street strip there were shops and restaurants to sweep in and out of. The best part of the mountain city, though, was the HIKING. I’m an avid hiker and this was one of the BEST trails I’ve ever experienced! Lake Mohawk was our endpoint where we ate our packed breakfast bagels while enjoying our picturesque surroundings. It was very dreamy. Those are the moments to decide to stop, observe, and simply 2-6

photo 3-5

photo 2-4


Next up, Charleston, SC! We met my in-laws here (who I’m happy to say I am completely in love with) and stayed with them right on the ocean. Charleston’s reputation definitely preceded itself! It’s full of so much history that’s painted in the century old homes, the cobblestone streets and the cannons that decorate the waterline perimeter. All of which pairs well with the adorable places to eat and drink, each one unique in its very own way.  We wanted to stop in all of them to taste and see!

photo 2-5




Two days in to arriving in South Carolina, I got a call to style one of my clients, Hunter Hayes, for a show in Philadelphia… the next day! It was the city’s 4th of July Jam that was broadcast on VH1 with about 600,000 attendees! He was filling in for Demi Lovato who had to drop out at the last minute. It was hard to leave the beach, but I knew I had to be there for my HH team. So the next morning (AT 4 AM!!) I hopped on a plane and flew to the City of Brotherly Love. Walking around the city was lovely, especially with all of the locals out enjoying the holiday. It’s always fun getting to visit cities that are bigger than Nashville… I sometimes forget how humbling skyscrapers as far at the eye can be. As a side note, I have a love/dislike relationship with all the work travel I get to do. It is so amazing to be able to discover new places, but it can get a bit lonely and leave me wishing I was sharing the experience with someone. The crew is generally very busy and I’m mostly on my own until showtime. I need a full-time assistant just to be my travel buddy! Okay, back to Philly! Ooh, CHEESESTEAK! Of course I had to find the city’s token culinary delight. And I did, at a cute little pub called Con Murphy’s. They nailed it, It. Was. So. Good. The cheese they use is a bit different than what we may add to a Philly cheesesteak here in the south. They call it “whiz”. Mmm!



After styling my way through Philly, I was back in Charleston in time to finish up our trip with a gorgeous beach day finale and quality time with the fam.


Mike and Bryn Kelly- my amazing in-laws!


Everything about our nearly two-week vacation was perfect! Yes, there may have been a lot of rain. It rained on and off everyday, but we made the best of it by running out to the beach when the sun shone and snacking on pimento cheese and crackers on the porch when it rained.  Yes, Sean and I may have had a couple little tiffs. 10 days is a long time to have no “alone time”! We also realized that it takes a lot of compromise to travel together, given that we tend to have very different ideas of what we want each day to look like. And yes, some nights we may not have slept so well. Hard hotel beds and pull-out couches are tough when you’re used to your own carefully selected dream mattress! But that is all part of the adventure of travel. You make things work. You enjoy where you are and who you’re with, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

What are some of your favorite places to visit? Have you ever run into an unwelcome travel-scenario and made it awesome? Tell me where I should go next!


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