Dang, girl! // Rachael (Lampa) McCarthy

Dang, girl! is a series that I love so much, because once a month I get to feature a BABE in my life that makes an impact on everyone around her, just by being who she is.  The run down: I share with you why I love her, ask her funny and intimate questions, and take before and after photos (though I am NO photographer..) to show just how beautiful she is both inside and out. These women are so brave for baring it ALL!

This month’s Dang, girl! feature is someone I have a lot of love for. Here’s Rachael (Lampa) McCarthy!

Who She Is: 

Rachael is a hotty, amazing wife, talented singer, great friend, and easy-to-love woman that I hold close to my heart. Easily one of the most selfless people that I know, she loves many and loves them well. From her husband to her friends and family to complete and total strangers, I see her give herself to the needs of others all.the.time.

Oh and she’s hilarious. Like, can-totally-keep-up-with-the-guys-maybe-even-funnier, hilarious. As you will be able to tell from the photos, she’s a total goof-ball-McHotty. I can’t NOT laugh when I am around her. From “that’s-what-she-said” to contorting her face to look like something straight out of the Goonies, she pretty much has the funny thing down pat. Teach me your ways Rachael!!

What She’s Doing:

Her brother, Ryan founded a rad organization called People Loving Nashville. They prepare and serve hot meals to Nashville’s less fortunate and homeless population on Monday nights and Rachael is there every. single. week.

>>Rain. Snow. Even sleet!

>>She’s there without missing a beat!

(See what I did there?)

Rachael also has really superficial, shallow hobbies too… like um.. PRISON MINISTRY.

Literally, one of her passions (like the fiery, MUST DO-OR-DIE kind of passion) is to hang with, love on and sing for prisoners! I have heard the most beautiful and life-changing stories of huge, tattooed, scary prisoner dudes crying like babies as their hearts are melted when she partners with God and opens her mouth to sing for them. It’s crazy! And awesome. You should ask her about it next time you see her, you won’t regret it.

 Why She Inspires Me:

Mrs. McCarthy seizes moments and opportunities. She is a “Yes!” woman in the best way possible. Whether it’s making dinner for the less fortunate, picking up a friend at the airport at 5 a.m or staying up late with good friends just to talk and connect, even when she knows she has to get up early. She invests fully in things that matter to her. Sacrifice is a word Rachael knows well, and isn’t afraid of it.

Oh! I can’t forget her siblings! She loves them so much Rachie is one of 4 kiddos and they have a bond that is worth envying. I’ve never seen a sister give love the way she does to them, and vice versa. It’s so presh!

I would bet $1,000 that she would do anything for any one of them. I am absolutely inspired by her to be a better sister.

 How She’s doing it:

For those of you that may not be familiar, Rachael has had a sweet CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) career since the turn of the millennium in 2000. She has traveled all over the world using her abilities to make an impact and help make other people’s lives better. Her love and passion for music is ever-growing and she is continuing to shape it into the very thing it needs to be.

She has a GIFT.

Her heart for God, music and people has changed lives and will continue to do so, I am sure of this.

Her voice continues to move people every time she sings, whether it’s at a show, a wedding or in our living room, there is simply nothing you can do to keep yourself from feeling as soon as she puts those vocal chords, and the heart behind them, into action. I swear she could sing the ABC’s and tears would start welling up in my eyes!

Because of her gigantic heart, insane talent and impeccable dude-humor, Rachael was a friend that I couldn’t pass up bragging about. Dang, girl! She truly is beautiful from the inside out. 


{keep going! you’re almost to the before and after pics!}

Q & A time!

Who are you?

I’m a daughter of Jesus… And of a precious Filipino man named Phil (yup) and a hot blond mama named Marianne. I am also a wife, a sister, and a friend. Those are the titles I claim first and foremost. I am blessed to have been able to sing my way through life since I was young and I am in love with the power of music.

What do you turn to for a beauty boost when you need it most?

Take a hike!  I’m a Colorado girl so I feel at home with the mountains (wanna-be mountains in TN). There’s nothing like climbing through the woods with your best friend, breaking a sweat and get re-energized by the oxygen from the trees. It not only gives my skin a nice flush and opens my eyes up, but I feel like I carry myself differently because I feel rejuvenated inside.

Give me 1 beauty product/skincare you think every mamasita should use?

I’m no expert but I would say an exfoliator. Our skin comes in contact with so many unknowns everyday, it feels so good to scrub it all out with a good, natural exfoliator.

 How do you handle negativity from your audience?

I would be lying if I said I just brush it off and it doesn’t bother me. Some days I wish I could be one of those girls that can do that, but then I wonder if I wouldn’t be who I am because of it. I think we can take negativity and use it. And not in the sassy way that fuels our anger and our desire to “stick it to them”. I think we can use it as an opportunity for us to look in the mirror and learn how to love the person we see, better. Anytime someone criticizes what I wear, what I sound like, my race, my faith, I have a chance to ask myself, “Are you ok?”.  I don’t do that enough.  It is SO HARD to silence the hateful voices, but I know I have to do it.  Those words are coming from broken and hurt people just like me and they have no power over me.

What’s your “average morning” beauty routine?

I have this vitamin C cleanser by Clarins that I use on my face in the morning and follow with a moisturizer. My makeup go-to’s are concealer, lip gloss, and a quick eyelash curl. I like to sort of let my hair do what it do and just put a little bit of product in my bedhead hair. I’ll add mascara and a little bronzer depending on what the day’s activities hold!

 What’s your “performance” beauty routine?

I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy and have come to terms with the fact that makeup is not my strong suit. So, I keep it simple unless Kirsten Kelly is around to do something fancy :). I always start with a primer so my foundation doesn’t melt off from the lights. From there, it’s the basics: concealer, foundation, light and dark brown shadows on my eyes, a cat eye liquid eyeliner swoop, an eyebrow fill-in, LOTS of mascara, a nice bronzer to contour and a light blush. I honestly rarely bother with lip color because it all ends up on the microphone or my chin, so I use MAC lip glass. I’ll usually run a curling iron through my hair for loose waves and tease and spray and I’m off!

Are there any beauty decisions you made that you look back on and ask “whyyy?!”

I was SO close to using pictures for this, but then I realized it would throw them back to the top in the google search and I’d like them to stay buried =).  I think one of my biggest ones was the ol’ foundation 2 shades too light.  I don’t know why I always bought the light stuff, I’m a brown girl and proud of it! Haha. Also, me and my friend Stacie Orrico toured together for most of our childhood and we were REALLY big fans of glitter.  I mean, glitter with a couple layers of glitter on top and then just a little more glitter to top it off.  Our tour bus looked like a unicorn had a dance party in it.

Do you have any fears that you think other ladies could identify with?

None! Ha! I use sarcasm when I’m scared. Get it? Get it? I have a lot of fears.

If I had to put a blanket on all of my fears and name it, I would call it the fear of “being purposeless”. I hope that’s a word. I think most of us share the fear of failure and and the fear of being inadequate or forgotten or unloved. But for me, it’s because I make the mistake of looking to all of these things to give me purpose. I want to feel like I’m doing something that matters, that is important, and that will be remembered. I am afraid of wasting time. I am afraid other people won’t like me. I’m afraid I won’t stand out.

What do you do to combat that?

I remember that life and purpose has everything to do with WHO I AM , not WHAT I DO. The more time I spend building who I am inside, the less I worry about what others think and how much I’m DOING.

Now that we have seen how real and beautiful she is on the inside, lets look at how stunning she is on the outside.This is the very first time Rachael has allowed the world to see her without a STITCH of makeup on.I am so honored that she allowed me to be a vehicle for that kind of vulnerability. THANK YOU RACHAEL!









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