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{ Work has been nuts lately y’all. If you follow my Instagram, you can see that I’ve been traveling a lot and I’d being lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying myself! However, it’s put a bit of a valley between blogging and me, that of which I am making my way across to bring you this month’s Dang, girl! So without further adieu, I give you a natural beauty, Katie Moore.}




This my friends, is K_80. Actually, her name is Katie Moore but she is SO coolishly cool that she had to have another name to do her coolness justice. I have known Katie for roughly 8 years and all of my adult life. As a Nashville native, she was the friend of a former boyfriend (oops!) and I knew I loved her from the minute I met her. Katie has the most impeccable humor and can tell some of the best stories you will ever hear, making even mundane interactions ones that you envy she had the privilege of experiencing. I could listen to her stories for days, and I’m not exaggerating. Then there’s her depth. Man, oh man, do her waters run deep. I lived in Los Angeles for 2 years, and the entire time I was there, we wrote letters to each other. We poured our hearts onto cards and stationary and notebook paper, every inch covered in thoughts, some of which we only told to the other. There was a lot going on in each of our personal lives at that time, and I have no doubt that our letters were healing in a powerful and unique way. There is something special about inking your deepest emotions and shipping them across the country, releasing them to be known.

Humor, depth, wait there’s MOORE! (See what I did there?) Katie is one of the most talented graphic designers I’ve ever witnessed (<– this is her portfolio, go look! So good!). Talented not only in her technical ability, but in the heart and soul she puts into imagining and giving life to everything she designs. She lives and breathes music, so naturally most of her work is creating imagery to partner with sounds created by very talented musicians. From The Civil Wars to Ingrid Michaelson, it seems her well of creativity never runs dry.

// Q&A   Q&A   Q&A //

Who are you?   I am a 29 year old girl born and mostly raised in Nashville, Tennessee. I lived briefly in NYC, but came back to the south where I’ve been designing album art and loving wonderful people for the last 7 years. I have a black cat named Gary who is the apple of my eye. I love to travel and try to live this life the best I can – it’s a beautiful adventure.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?  My favorite thing about myself is my personality… yuck. That’s not gonna get me a boyfriend. I’m gonna go with my eyes. I have my grandfather’s eyes. It’s always nice to see his photo and feel a sense of belonging.

Is there one thing you wear everyday?  I wear my grandmother’s ring. She gave it to me tied into the bow of a Christmas gift a few years ago – it means the world to me. She is one of the most important people in my life, she has always given me the best advice, and she raised the best mother I could have ever asked for. Wearing the ring is a lovely reminder of where and who I come from.

Favorite drugstore beauty-isle purchase?  Cover girl Lip Smoochies in Tweet Me. Bad name, but it has the most beautiful color. I get so many compliments and I’ve gotten at least 4 gals to buy it. Trust me, it’s a perfect lip gloss.

What was the hardest thing youʼve ever been through?   A few years back, I grew up. I realized that my parents aren’t perfect, that some of the people who were supposed to love me had done more harm than I knew, and that I had to deal with it all. It’s always said that ignorance is bliss, and Lord help me, it’s true. I had no idea how deeply I hurt and how much I had buried it under jokes and bravado, until my Dad forgot my birthday and it all came crashing down. I turned 25 and I turned into a mess. Through it, I learned how to tell others what I really felt without sarcasm, and I learned how to be a better friend. Real relationship requires vulnerability and you can’t ask vulnerability of others without offering it. Countless friends walked through that time with me, and I am forever grateful for each of them.

One of your favorite splurges?   Waxing. Yikes, but I swear, you feel like a new woman… or man… I’m not judging. If you run into me, remind me to tell you about the time I fell off the waxing table. Your life will never be the same.

Chick Flick, Drama or Comedy?  Surprisingly, I’m going to go with Drama. I love big romance and a good cry – and believe me, it happens. I cried watching an episode of Project Runway last week.




Katie’s Beauty Breakdown:

1. For her hair: I used a curling wand to add wave and texture to Katie’s cute cropped cut, and finished with a light spritz of OSIS Elastic Flexible Hold hairspray

2. A light layer of Makeup Forever foundation was the first step.

3. Like me, Katie has petite eyebrows. I filled them in with MAC Eyebrow pencil in Lingering to add fullness. It helps SO much to open up the eye!

4. I contoured to accentuate her AMAZING cheekbones, placed highlighter just above them, and added blush in MAC Fleur Power to the apples of her cheeks.

5. For Katie’s eyes, I loved their natural shape so we did a soft, taupe-smokey eye – Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Taupe,  to accentuate without altering their shape.

And there you have one my my favorite women ever! If you ever get the privilege of meeting Katie Moore (and I hope you do), after she talks about her cat Gary and tells you how fabulous you are, ask her about the time Adele touched her butt. You won’t regret it 😉

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