September Means “Awesome”

2 posts I’m currently working on and stoked about! Watch for ’em this month! 

1. NEW MONTHLY SERIES: Dang, girl.

I have had a vision for a monthly series for a while now and am incredibly excited to debut it. Dang, girl. will be a space for women to be seen, to be known as the multi-dimensional people that they are. I cross paths with some of the most amazing chicks on this earth and I feel it selfish to experience these women and not share their valuable stories with you. Mothers, creatives, daughters, travelers, givers, wives, designers, and beautiful creatures. Everyone has a story and I think those stories need to be shared, for the sake of the teller and the listener (or reader!).

To give you an idea of what this will look like. I will be capturing images of a woman bare-faced and beautiful. No makeup, no hair product. There is something vulnerable and truth-telling about seeing a woman as she is, without sculpting herself to be seen as she’d like to be. These images will pair perfectly with the intimate biography I will have the honor of writing about her. After a glimpse into the life and tears and joy of her journey, I will feature follow-up photos after a mini-makeover (and a brief breakdown of what I used on her) to show the glorious physical beauty each woman holds. Inside and out, I think you will appreciate all facets of these women that I am lucky enough to know.  Woohoo!


Summertime came and left. Vacations, holidays, burgers and beers. My body is not thanking me for all I have put it through while the air was warm enough to enjoy outdoor patios multiple times a week! And Lord knows winter-time will definitely entice with its hearty comfort foods and cozying up indoors to escape the chill. This is why NOW is the perfect time to reset your body and show it some healthy, detoxifying love. Detoxes and cleanses are on my list of favorite things ever. I feel refreshed, happier, lighter, and confident that my body is in better shape after detoxing than it was before. I’m beginning a two-part cleanse this week and it will last about 60 days. (Part 1 is pictured below.) Be on the look out for a full break-down of my stroll through cleanse city!

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 1.34.42 PM

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