Are You Sick? This Could Be Your Cure!

Health is one of my biggest passions. I love learning about the body and what it does and how to make it function better. I’m constantly trying new herbs and potions, documenting their effect on my body.

This week I came down with a nasty head cold (I tend to get this once a year around this time, ughf). Stuffed sinuses turned into a free-flowing running nose, which turned into drainage that became a chest cough!!!  Not to mention sneezing and itching, burning eyes, the whole 9-yards.

(It was awful.)

Time to discover a new remedy! I headed to Turnip Truck (like a small Whole Foods) and asked the herbal pro for anything and everything she could give me (that was natural) to attack this thing like a mini army and make me better ASAP! This is what she gave me (and I’m so glad she did):


A tour manager I work with told me about this recently. He said it has knocked out everything he’s come down with on the road. I was skeptical, but when the herbal expert shoved it in my face, I decided to give it a try. It’s meant to be taken at the onset of an illness, but can also be  taken daily to stay awesome (healthy).

Basically, this guy works by supporting the immune system on a cellular level, and supports anti-oxidant defenses. It has a mega, mega load of vitamin C, plus echinacea, goldenseal, astragalus, propolis and garlic. Some refer to this as a “Winterizer” for your body, as it aids in the fight against illnesses that come with the winter season. You can find this at any Whole Foods, or vitamin shop that carries homeopathic herbs.

Cost: about $10-$20/ bottle depending on capsule count


These are little gel caps that are filled with herbal goodness, specifically formulated to target your respiratory system. Those nasty sinus infections don’t stand a chance.


This little fella works by supporting your immune system on a cellular level and maintaining healthy mucous membranes. Therefore it helps prevent cold and flu symptoms, and upper respiratory infections in general. BAM! Same as above, you can find this at any Whole Foods, or vitamin shop that carries homeopathic herbs!

Cost: about $26-$30/bottle

After taking them for ONE DAY, I went from a 3 (bad) to a 7 (way better).

I can promise you I will be keeping both of these stocked in my medicine cabinet through the winter.

I want to eat with my friends and drink wine and go to Christmas parties, not be sick! Ew.

Does this stuff interest you? Help you? Maybe I’m the only one that digs this stuff, but you should too.


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