Winter Gloom

Are You Feelin’ The Winter Gloom?


Y’all. It has been such a looong winter, and if you think you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, we may be in the same boat. Go away gloom!

I may be exaggerating slightly, but melancholy has definitely taken over the Kelly house with all this cold and grayness. Yuck.

Good news though, I found some things that help! So follow these 3 steps. You can thank me later when you’re not staring out of your window at the rain, freezing-cold and crying.


1) Take Vitamin D Daily- Vitamin D keeps our brain in balance and helps our bodies absorb nutrients, so when its lacking things can get cray! Our biggest source of this mega-important vitamin (80%-90%!!) is the sun. I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen that big yellow thing in WEEKS. It’s muy importante that we compensate when the sun isn’t shining.

2) Keep Toxins Out- Try to drink this tea once a day. I usually have it in the evening when I’m chilly and want something to warm me! It helps keep your organs purified and working as they should. This helps tons when you’re feeling sluggish and tired. We drink tea all winter long anyway, so we might as well detox while we’re at it, right?!

3) Exercise- This one is obvious and you hear it all the time, but the endorphins -hormones that tell your brain “It’s all ok! You can be HAPPY!”- released when you’re active are the #1 way to perk up when you’re feeling down- and cold! So go find a friend and run/dance-party/yoga/workout/Zumba your way out of the gloom!

Other fun tips to feel happier til the gloom is gone:

  • Wear COLOR! Colors are known to effect our mood and energy, so why not use this to our advantage?! Put away the black for a day.
    • Red can be used used to stimulate the body and mind and to increase circulation.
    • Yellow is said to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.
    • Orange  is said to heal the lungs and to increase energy levels.
  • Plan a Spring or Summer trip! Nothin’ says warm weather like a road trip. Do some searching and find a sweet place to explore with friends when the sun comes out for good! Enjoy the thought of all the memories you’re gonna make!!!

P.S. In Nashville we are getting a bit of sun today!! Yessssssssss.

What have you been doing to keep your sanity until Spring arrives?

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